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Blue Robot Beatles Memorabilia

faBgear     /fab-ɡir/   adjective-noun


 1. a collection of sites, ideas, and references

 2. an unintentional or intentional movement to help

 3. a way to attack an issue

 4. a concept that seems to define who we are and what we do

 5. a collection of items that are important

 6. it's an umbrella over eclectic items

 7. great, absolutely the greatest

 8. online classes, data management, podcasts, links, rock and roll, photography, and various extras.

 9. "excellent, absolutely right, first rate. An ephemeral vogue word that spread with the popularity of the Beatles and the ‘Mersey sound’ from Liverpool in 1963 to be picked up by the media (a fact which incidentally marked its demise as a fashionable term). It is related to ‘the gear’, meaning the ‘real thing’ or top quality merchandise." (

10. we get involved in anything we deem as 'cool' and/or 'faB' and/or 'gear'.

11. Reporter question (from 1964): "In America, the current slang is: 'tough,' 'boss,' and 'dig.' What are some of England's?"

Ringo Starr: "Fab... Gear."​

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