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and the Business of

Selling Beatles Merchandise

in the U.S. 1964-1966

The task of documenting original Beatles memorabilia and identifying the companies involved and their dealings with The Beatles’ management, NEMS and a plethora of lawyers is a daunting one. The author of this book has assembled as detailed a book as possible given the lack of record-keeping and the inaccuracies of time. This book is not a price guide - it does not show every item in every available color and option - it is a showcase of Beatles memorabilia. Not only this, it is a detailed account of how Brian Epstein and NEMS dealt with licensing, and a lesson to all performers on what not to do!



Terry has done a magnificent job in assembling and compiling the details and timeframes for the
hundreds of licensed products bearing the name ‘The Beatles’ offered for these music icons!
The NEMS items are by far, the most important items of all the commercially produced memorabilia
and I couldn’t be happier to aid in, even in a small way, your undertaking of this project.

– Perry Cox, noted Beatles collector and memorabilia dealer


It’s stunning! What a work of art! I’m hooked! You have done a marvelous job. GREAT!!!!

– Jude Southerland Kessler, John Lennon expert and author of The John Lennon Series



– Lanea Stagg, author of Recipe Records series,
Little Dog in the Sun and Little Dog About Town


“…takes the reader on an exhaustively researched, highly detailed and lavishly illustrated tour through a collector’s wonderland. Part reference book and part wide-eyed celebration of the enduring power of merchandising, besides being a prescribed text for all serious collectors of Beatles memorabilia this lovingly researched volume is the bible of vintage US Beatles merchandise.”

– SHINDIG! magazine


By now it seems as if every conceivable angle or story has been written about The Beatles be it their life, music or whatever that whomever decides to jump into the murky waters of publishing a Beatles book must really bring the goods. Well, my dear blog readers and fellow Beatles fans out there “NEMS and the Business of Selling Beatles Merchandise in the U.S. 1964-1966” really does deliver the goods – in every possible way!

– James Grant (Hardback Writer)


“...the best Beatles book published in 2019 that I have read. Every fan will enjoy this one. You don't want to pass it up!

– Sara Schmidt, author of 
Happiness is Seeing the Beatles - Beatlemania in St. Louis


"Cheerful, entertaining, and informative look...this is one of the best volumes out there on Beatles memorabilia, and essentially anyone who wishes they could hop in a time machine and visit a Woolworth store in 1964."

- Brad Hundt (Beatlefan magazine)


“This important chapter in Beatles history has been written.“

–  Bob Fester (Carterville Courier, Herrin Independent, Marion Star)


"Congrats on the book, I learned a lot.  You did a really nice book that everyone in Beatleland will like, whether they are "collectors" or not. You've done yourself proud!"

- Jeff Augsburger, noted Beatles collector and memorabilia dealer


By Terry Crain

Forewords by Vivek J. Tiwary and Perry Cox • Introduction by Jude Southerland Kessler

Detailed descriptions of the official NEMS licensed products

Over 700 images • 232+ full color pages

Reflections from Beatles fans

Order your book today!

The Second Edition can be ordered through Barnes & Noble.

Second Edition - click on site below


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