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The task of documenting Beatles and Beatles-related copyrights is a daunting one. The author of this book has assembled as detailed a book as possible. This book chronicles over 900 Beatles and Beatles-related copyrights from 1952 to 1966. In the annuals of the Library of Congress, there are Beatles and Beatles-related copyrights for musical screenplays, lectures, spoken word writings, dolls, Beatles records, newspaper artwork, paintings, drawings, articles, toys, posters, albums, sculptures, jewelry, portraits, magazines, record cases, sheet music, novelty records, television scripts, newspaper cartoons, impromptu skits, books, photographs, documentary scripts, satire animations, cover records in French, Dutch, Spanish, and German, and more! This reference publication details the copyrights in chronological order, making it easy to follow the growth of this wild and wacky genre.


By Terry Crain

Forewords by Tom Frangione and Cha Chi Loprete

Detailed descriptions of Beatles and Beatles-related copyrights

Over 2000 images • 1150+ pages

Reflections from Beatles fans


Your books tell me that a new researcher has joined the top table.
It’s great to see the important breakthrough work that you’re doing.

– Mark Lewisohn - the acknowledged world authority on the Beatles. 


I love the design of your books and this one is no different. The digital format is really

sleek and incredibly fast to turn the pages and search. As a reader I always feel immersed

from page 1….in the images and the info. I can hear you speaking every word!

– Phil Harbour - Beatle collector and Beatlebilia Facebook administrator


"I am thoroughly impressed with your extensive research, a stupendous piece of work!"

– John Bezzini - Beatles book collector and The Beatles Bookstore administrator


“…it's hypnotic and addictive.

– Pat Graham - Beatle collector and Beatlebilia Facebook administrator


It is awesome, an amazing new book. You should be proud and people in the Beatles groups will love it!

– Andrew Croft - Beatles author, editor, designer, and collector.


The new book looks great!

– Tom Frangione - Sirius XM Beatles host


 Your book is marvelous and the images throughout are stellar. Kudos to you on this remarkable collective.  Stunning! No words do this justice!

– Steven Wilson - President, Imagine and Wonder Publishing



What device can I view the digital book on?

Experience the book's content at your convenience, whether you're on a desktop, a hand-held device, or a phone. You have the power to read the book online or download it as a .pdf for offline viewing. Keep in mind, downloading may limit some features like the Pop-Ups, which are exclusive to the online version. The online book also offers extra pop-up information and other easter eggs!

Why does the book have so many pages?

Originally we thought there would be about 300 to 350 Beatles|Beatles-related copyrights in the Library of Congress from 1963-1966.  We was allocating a page or so for each with descriptions and other information.  What wasn't anticipated was the fact that there were actually 967 copyrights!

Will there be a actual book published?

Yes, but it might be a few months before they are ready.  With the amount of information contained in the manuscript, the book will probably be published in three volumes all at once in chronological order.  This much information cannot be logistically contained in one book.

How long did the research take for the book?

We researched over three years to try to find all of the copyrights and related information for the book.  It was one of those labors of love, and it seemed that every time we thought we'd found every we could, another bit of material would pop up. This subject is amazing!

Did we see QR codes and 'i' icons on some of the pages?

Yes!  Some of the novelty records listed in the book have audio out on additional sites.  We have chosen a few to add QR codes, so that you can scan and experience the music. The round 'i' icons indicate additional pop-up information on some of the pages.  Click on the circled 'i' in the book and info will pop-up.

How do I buy the digital book?

The cost of the digital book is $9. You can use PayPal (, Venmo (@Terry-Crain-3), or Facebook Marketplace. Please send a valid email address in the note/message section where I can send you login information.  Once this is confirmed, I will send the instructions to access the book.  Please note that I will send you the link as soon as I can.  I got away from the automated response to keep your costs down, so bear with me as I manually fill the orders.

I heard that even after the initial purchase, updates could be done to the book to have new and additional information?

Yes! The site where the digital book is housed allows us to update the content if we add additional information.  That way, you'll always have the most updated manuscript at your fingertips.

Any last thoughts?

Yes, I hope everyone enjoys this project.  I'm not sure if I wrote a book, a reference guide, or an encyclopedia!


IMPORTANT: Whatever method you use to order the digital book, please add your name and a valid email address in the notes/message area of the order. This is how you'll receive information to access the book!

Order the book at one of these places: $9

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