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Apron | Beatles memorabilia

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

What passionate Beatles fan wouldn't want to cook with the lads? Well, this was your chance to enjoy the Fab Four in the kitchen! The white, paper-like, fiber-layered apron allowed the fan to prepare delicious meals to their Beatle-heart desires.

The apron was offered in one standard size, 16" wide x 30" in length, and was secured with drawstrings around the back and flaunted strategically placed reinforced stitching. The appeal of the apron was, of course, the repeating printed pattern of Beatles pictures set within stars, the names of the boys, music notes and staffs, and facsimile vinyl record discs. Song titles were printed on the front in black, endearing the cook to John, Paul, George, and Ringo by declaring: Hold Me Tight, I Want To Hold Your Hand, I Saw Her Standing There, and Not A Second Time.

Additionally, the apron's drawstring range was up to 48," and the backside was plain white with no design. Almost sheer, you could about see the images on the front of the apron from the back.

The delicate apron was an officially licensed item, with 'NEMS ENT LTD' printed on it. The overall construction of the apron was quite fragile, so it probably wasn't worn too many times before something started to loosen, tear, rip, fray, or fall apart.

A rarer Beatles apron made in pink (possibly or blue or brown) was mass-produced from the same cloth material later found woven into Beatle's dresses. This apron version measured 21" wide x 20" in length and had 14" drawstrings on each side. This apron design featured printed photographs of all four Beatles with facsimile autographs and song titles Hold Me Tight, All My Loving, and I Want To Hold Your Hand.

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