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Balloon | Beatles memorabilia

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

No party was complete in the mid-1960s without the ultimate party favor. Watch the faces light up with delight as the Fab Four float longingly overhead and canapés at your ravishing fete.

The Beatles latex balloons were manufactured by United Industries Incorporated, out of Southington, Connecticut. Designed in various colors - including red/pink, blue, yellow, white, green, and orange - it had a black and white band's image printed on it. The balloons were available in a 5½" x6" sealed plastic package, with a group photo printed on the label. For those young fans who might have struggled knowing what to do with the item, helpful instructions directed the consumer to "Blow up!...a FAB Beatle Balloon."

The "balloon factory," United Industries Incorporated, was located at 1901 West Street, Southington, Connecticut 06489.


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