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Skateboard | Beatles memorabilia

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Whoa, dude! If you needed to catch some rays and hang ten with the lads, a Beatle skateboard was your item of choice. Surf Skater Company, Incorporated., 39th and Killam Avenue, in Norfolk, Virginia, manufactured a skateboard - the employees probably tested the boards in the street while on break!

Isaac Glazer founded the Surf Skater Company. Glazer was a member of the Army's first Special Service Forces and a decorated World War II veteran, participating in the D-Day invasion. He became a Doctor of Optometry and later, founder and president of Surf Skater. Glazer died in 2007.

The skateboard, available in three sizes and various colors, was basically a wooden board with metal wheels. The large, bold type, "The Beatles Skateboard," was featured on the board next to the Dezo Hoffman group photo. The skateboard container had a graphic drawing of the group with embellished colorful stripes. Collector Dennis Dailey whimsically noted, "It actually looks like they spent more time and energy into designing the box than the skateboard."

A press release was published in Playthings magazine, December 1964 issue, on page 73, stated:

"Beatles Skate Board in 3 Models Now Available from Norfolk Firm

Available for immediate delivery are three models of The Beatles Skateboard, a new addition to the line of Surf Skater Company, Inc., 39th and Killam Avenue, Norfolk, Va. The Beatles have given the company the exclusive rights for the manufacture of the items. Model #210-B measures 18½" by 5¾by ¾", #2100 B is 27" by 6½" by 1-1/16", and #2200-B has dimensions of 32" by 6½" by 1-1/16". Made of quality wood and painted in attractive colors, each features a steel wheel assembly attached with rust-preventive cadmium-plated nuts and bolts. Rubber-cushioned for faster steering and greater turning action, this assembly consists of a rigid flat steel plate attached to Union Hardware wheels with bright dust covers. Decorating the board are its name and a picture of the Beatles, which can be easily peeled off and kept as a souvenir. The skateboards are packaged in two-color cartons."

Surf Skater Co. Inc. was named in a NEMS Enterprises, Ltd vs. Seltaeb, Incorporated lawsuit filed in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, First Judicial Department, dated: New York, New York, July 6, 1965.

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