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This course introduces the history of rock and roll music during the 1950' and 1960's. The course is offered through our Continuing Education Department (no grades, no homework, just fun).


Join us we relive those moments discovering the history

and excitement of the early days of rock and roll! The class

is a weekly tour covering the story of the birth of this music

genre from the early days to the end of the 60's. This course will be

offered in an exciting new format called interactive email. The lessons will be emailed to you so you can view and enjoy them on your smartphone, mobile device, tablet, or computer. You’ll get the lessons a few times a week for you to experience on your own schedule.

Rock and roll will never die!  This course is part of the retroPOP series.  

Beatles fans
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John A. Logan College is a community college of over 7000 students located in southern Illinois in Carterville, Illinois.    

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--"No joke, I'm legitimately learning things about The Beatles!!!"


--"I often tell people about it, and how I have really enjoyed the class, and they seem genuinely intrigued by the idea of taking a class strictly over the fab 4. I hope this class is able to continue on so others can have as much fun as our class did."

--"I have enjoyed it immensely and learned so much about the history of the Beatles."

--"THANKS for a great class!"


--"Great class with a great subject matter."

--"Enjoying  the class!" 

--"This is so fun!"

--"This class is so far one of my favorite class I have taken at john A. Thank you for this opportunity and fun learning experience."

--"To be honest, I've told everybody I know about the Beatles class I'm taking."


--"This is one of the coolest classes I've ever taken. It wasn't nearly as high stress as most classes and it was enjoyable learning. I already tell everyone about how awesome this class is, but will continue to do so and let everyone know that the class will be available again. Thank you for the awesome semester."

--"Terry runs a Beatles class I would recommend for ALL fans!"

--"The class was a joy, Terry....learned so much and was reminded of so much."

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