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Terry's book
Meet Terry

This ultimate Beatles fan is a rock and roll historian/researcher and Beatles author.  His book, "NEMS and the Business of Selling Beatles Merchandise in the U.S. 1964-1966", covers officially licensed Beatles items in the U.S. between 1964-1966.


The book takes readers through those items and other interesting side treks surrounding this era.


Join us on a nostalgic, toy-filled, story-telling, artifact-hunting journey through time.  The book is almost 250 pages and filled with over 600 images (mostly color) that allow readers to enjoy and remember. The book is a hard-cover coffee-table style book.


Excerpts from the upcoming book have appeared in "The British Beatles Fan Club" magazine. Terry has been a guest on many national Beatles podcast "She Said She Said."

Terry Crain is a Beatles author and rock and roll historian/researcher. He retired with 35 years in the education field (college, secondary, and elementary). 
The book is published by the faBgear company.
Terry photographed many of the images in the book.

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Click the 'Buy Now' button below (U.S. residents only) to purchase the book now ($38 + $8 shipping and handling) in our pre-sale.  The book should be ready to ship out to you by mid or late March. If you would like the book personalized to someone, please indicate their first name in the 'Personalized to whom?' text area before you click the 'Buy Now'.
For our non-US International customers, we will have the ability for you to order a copy of the book soon!
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“Terry has done a magnificent job in assembling and compiling the details and timeframes for the hundreds of licensed products bearing the name ‘The Beatles’ offered for these music icons! I certainly didn’t know then that memories [of original NEMS Beatles items] would lead me into my chosen field and forever hobby that it has become today. And I couldn’t be happier it has brought me to work with so many great people like Terry and vision for a great book! I applaud this effort. The NEMS items are by far, the most important items of all the commercially produced memorabilia and I couldn’t be happier to aid in even a small way your undertaking of this project.”
    - Perry Cox is the author of many Beatles record and memorabilia price guides dating back to 1983.
"It's stunning! What a work of art! I'm hooked! You have done a marvellous job. GREAT!!!!"
      - Jude Southerland Kessler (renowned and respected Beatles author)
       - Lanea Stagg (author of "Recipe Records" series, "Little Dog in the Sun" and "Little Dog About Town.
"Nobody has been more prepared for writing a book in retirement than Terry Crain!"
       - "She Said She Said" national podcast
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The faBgear company - and its many eclectic interests

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This station plays hits from the fifties and sixties, along with clips of radio station air-play like KXOK (St. Louis), WLS (Chicago), KOMA (Oklahoma City), WRLA (Pasadena, CA), and WKNR (Detroit, MI). The station is broadcast on Radionomy from NPM (Nelson is a Powerful Man) Studios.


Remember, there's a song in every story and a story in every song.

Listen to our station here.

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faBgear's own "retroPOP" series of classes offered

through faBgear education's "Teachable" website.


Courses offered currently are "The History of Rock and Roll", "Route 66", and "The Beatles."


More courses will be offered over the coming months.



Visit our school's site here.

Beatles History Google Calendar

Have a Google Calendar?  Click here to add a free daily Beatles history public calendar to your schedule.  Every day it will show items that happened on that particular day in Beatles history.


New Amazon Alexa skills named “This Week in Beatles History” and “Daily Beatles Facts” have been designed and made available. These skills will make it easier for Beatles/rock ‘n roll fans to follow the iconic band’s past calendar events.

The “This Week in Beatles History” skill for Amazon Alexa (and Google Assistant) provides a summary of events during a 7-day period in the career of the Fab Four. The skill ties into the “Flash Briefing” area of Alexa’s skills. The “Daily Beatle Facts” skill offers you a daily dose of Fab Four history by giving you an interesting fact about the Beatles every day. It is updated often with new information and trivia about the greatest band in the world!

Terry Crain is a client of 910 Public Relations LLC
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