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'imagine' Scholarship Program

John A. Logan College in southern Illinois is offering a scholarship to a senior from one of our public/private in-district high schools.  The scholarship will be a $500 award towards tuition/fee costs for the students first full-time fall semester matriculating straight from high school. The scholarship procedure will include letters of reference, high school transcripts, and a written essay.  The essay topic will be: “Embodying the spirit of the 1960’s (a great sense of possibilities of what you can achieve), write an essay on how this scholarship can help you fulfill your college/future educational goals”.  Details on how to apply and the actual scholarship application can be found here.
The imagine Scholarship Fund through John A. Logan College is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. To continue our mission, we rely on the generous donations of our patrons. All contributions are 100% tax-deductible and go a long way in helping students reach their educational dreams.
Give to the Scholarship!

There are enough funds to offer this scholarship until 2027.  Giving to this scholarship through the site below helps keep the award going even longer.  Please give to the 'imagine' scholarship!

John A. Logan College is a community college of over 7000 students located in southern Illinois in Carterville, Illinois.    

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Savannah Jennings, 2017 recipient

Gracie Wetherington (002).JPG

Gracie Wetherington, 2018 recipient

Ragini Jenkins- Imagine Scholarship fall

Ragini Jenkins , 2019 recipient

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