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Assignment Book | Beatles memorabilia

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

What pupil wouldn't appreciate tracking their school assignments with HELP! from The Beatles? You heard that right! Take your eyes out of your history book for a moment, lift your wooden desktop, prop the lid open, and reach in for your shiny notebook-style assignment book. Even the teachers who "weren't cool" would welcome the cutting-edge, trendsetting assignment book into their classrooms!

Manufactured by Select-O-Pak, this vinyl-covered daily record came with the ever-important two pads of paper. One notepad was labeled "Lesson Assignments" and had lined perforated paper, which boasted a banner-type photo at the top of each page. The graphic included headshots of John, Paul, George, and Ringo peppered with music notes, stars, and first-name facsimile signatures. The additional pad contained blank sheets and included a banner along the top that depicted the Beatles' instruments (Ringo's drumhead displaying a 'B'), different music notes, lines, and stars. The second pad was studiously labeled "Classroom Notes."

The stylish book (4¼" x6¼") was available in trendy colors such as baby blue, navy blue, blush, sky blue, teal green, black, red, white, royal blue, brown, light grey, nude, light brown, and tan. The book's exterior included a clear pocket with an insert card pronounced: "Beatles Approved Assignments and Notes in Permanent Refillable Vinyl Holder. School Identification Card On The Back Of This Label. NEMS ENTERPRISES, LTD. STYLE BT-560. A "SELECT-O-PAK" PRODUCT BY HI-CRAFT."

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