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Our first book is published! It is called "NEMS-The Business of Selling Beatles Merchandise in the U.S. - 1964-1966.", about Beatles memorabilia in the United States from 1964-1966. Click here to visit the book's site. Please enjoy our Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram sites below that supplement the book content!

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Amazon Alexa skills

Enjoy our free Amazon Alexa skills and Google Actions that give you a summary of weekly events in the history of The Beatles and the other that gives a Daily Beatles Fact. This skill won the Alexa Developer Skill Promotion award.

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Fab Gear Daily

Enjoy our free daily about the Beatles.

Blog (Fab Gear)

Follow us with our Fab Gear blog on Wordpress.

Google Calendar

If you have a Google Calendar, add this Beatles History Calendar to give you Beatles History every day of the week. Here is also the Google Calendar 'sharable link' to add this public calendar to your own Google Calendar:


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Join us at various sites as our podcasts "The Mod and Rocker Show" and "Fab Four in Ten" are broadcast.
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